Blog News

by Benjamin Studebaker

Regular readers may have noticed that I have been off my usual very-nearly-daily blog schedule the last few days. The reason for this is that I had one last exam to mop up; I finished that today. I am flying back to the United States tomorrow, and so am packing and preparing for that today. Regular blogging should resume on Thursday. I should note that, starting right this very moment, I also plan to make a stylistic change–I will be writing these posts in American English rather than British English. American English is the style I grew up with; I was writing in British English not to be pretentious as some of you might have thought, but because I was writing essays and exams in British English for the University of Warwick. As of today, I no longer have any more exams or essays to write for Warwick–next year I become a grad student at the University of Chicago. In consequence, I will be writing all of my papers in American English henceforth, and that includes these blog posts. I thank you, the reader, for your continued readership, and promise to endeavor to make it well worth your while when I return on the 30th.