Blog News

by Benjamin Studebaker

Over the next month or so, the rate of blogging is going to be somewhat reduced. I will not quite be able to keep up my normal very-nearly-daily schedule. My regular readers deserve an explanation for this, and this is that explanation. Unfortunately, I have 5 3,000-word essays and what remains of a 10,000 word dissertation to complete by the first of May for the final year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Warwick in England. I am capable of writing these posts and doing those essays simultaneously, but not with the level of mental energy I would like to be able to devote to each. Rather than write bad blog posts or bad essays, I have decided to somewhat curtail blog output between now and May 1. I do not plan to stop blogging entirely, but I expect the posting schedule to be considerably more random during this time. I am not certain how big the reduction will be or if it will last all the way until May 1–this depends on how quickly and easily I move through these essays. When I have finished these essays, I expect to resume the standard very-nearly-daily schedule. I thank my readers both for their continued readership and for their patience during this time. I promise those of you that stick with me a strong summer of frequent blogging.


As of April 28, I have completed my essays for Warwick and will resume the usual very-nearly-daily blogging schedule. Thanks for staying with me.