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Distribution of Health

An interesting topic arose in one of my seminars today–given a scarce amount of health resources, how do we determine whom we provide care to and whom we do not? Forget for a moment the distribution of wealth, what about the distribution of health? I would like to give my answer to that question today.

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Odds and Ends

I will be going on a short trip over the next couple of days. I expect normal daily posting to resume on Sunday. In the interim, here are a few things around the internet worth looking at:

  • Interesting theory on how humanity might attain interstellar travel via a method similar to the one described in Star Trek.
  • An old clip of Mitt Romney has surfaced that adds fuel to the perception that he is disconnected from ordinary people.
  • More seriously, Romney promises to fix immigration, but, as was the case with specifying the loopholes in his tax plan, offers no specifics as to how he would do so. He accuses Obama of doing nothing, but Obama did pass the DREAM Act, something Romney has previously promised to kill.
  • The French will likely now receive the same disproportionate response as a result of the recent cartoons printed in a French magazine.
  • Some of Romney’s comments have bolstered Israel’s hard right, making it more difficult for the United States to pursue the goal of stopping Israeli settlement expansion in the Palestinian territories.