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Tag: Multiculturalism

Native American Sovereignty is an Obstacle to Equality

Many left wing commentators writing about the tragedy unfolding in Standing Rock believe that the government erred by failing to respect Native American sovereignty. This argument claims that Native Americans are nations that have sovereign rights over the territory reserved to them and consequently the US government is wrong to take action that impacts them and their territory without their consent. This is well-intentioned, but there are few beliefs that have done more damage to the welfare of Native American citizens than the idea that Native American tribes constitute sovereign nations. Native Americans are treated very poorly in the United States and tribal sovereignty facilitates this instead of ameliorating it.

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Immigration and Culture Fascism

One of the recurrent themes in western discourse is what is to be done with immigrants, minorities, people who come from different places and different backgrounds. To what extent should they be made to adjust to the societies they join, and to what extent should the societies they join make allowances for them? Today, I seek to answer those questions.

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