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Why Cryptocurrencies Don’t Work as Currencies

I’ve been surprised lately by the number of people who have brought up or asked me about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s moved me to take a minute to point out why many economists and political economists don’t get excited about them.

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The US presidential campaign is well underway, and many of us are already deeply annoyed. Most of the likely winners are uninspiring if not downright incompetent, and we are already being inundated with endless pleas from various candidates for money and support. The candidates with more money can buy attention even though their ideas and qualifications are mediocre at best, and many good people simply cannot run because they cannot get financial backing. This got me thinking–how could we radically change the way we handle political campaigns to eliminate the role of money and campaigning altogether? I’ve come up with a radical plan, and I’m excited to share it with you.

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