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Clemency for Drug Offenders?

US Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the Obama administration plans to implement new rules that would reduce sentences for thousands of nonviolent drug offenders currently in federal prisons. This new policy, combined with the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, would allow the administration to commute the mandatory minimum sentences many prisoners received under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. The new approach may feature hundreds of presidential pardons. In the meantime, congress has been considering new legislation (the Smarter Sentencing Act of 2014, still pending) that would cut the remaining minimum sentences in half. This is good policy, but it does not go far enough. Here’s why.

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Gays, Pot, and Puerto Rico

Well, with the help of Nate Silver, I called it. Obama wins with around 300 electoral votes. As we know, the republicans retained the house, and that means that nothing much will change. Today I’d like to look at some of the other results from the election–the referendums. What were the results of the individual state referendums, particularly on gay rights, drug legalisation, and, interestingly, the legal status of Puerto Rico? What impact will these things have on the USA going forward? Let’s have a look.

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