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What Motivates America?

Today in one of my seminars I heard it asserted that American foreign policy was motivated by Islamophobia, the fear of Islam and Islamic culture.  This claim struck me as quite slanderous, but it also drew something to my attention–many people in the world do not have an understanding of why my country of origin behaves as it does, and so the motivations are frequently filled in with cheap, easy explanations that mask the complexities of American foreign policy.  So today I shall endeavour to provide an answer that I hope will satisfy readers both foreign and domestic as to why the United States behaves as it does.

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Gilad Sharon, Fascist

Recently, Gilad Sharon, son to the former prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, published an op-ed in the Jersualem PostIn this op-ed, he makes a fascist argument. I mean this completely without hyperbole. I want it understood that I am, quite literally, under no uncertain terms, accusing Gilad Sharon of being a fascist, and equating him with the right wing nationalist movements of Hitler, Mussolini, and Milosevic. A bold claim deserves a bold argument, and that is what follows.

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How to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

As Israel proves that twitter can be a tool of the state just as easily as it can be a tool of rebels and revolutionaries, the question once again rises as to how on earth a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might come about. The attitudes to this conflict are too partisan and too subjectively involved. What is required is emotional detachment and rational analysis, and I propose to use both of these tools to devise the optimum solution to the conflict, which I submit to you, the reader, for judgement.

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Is the Alliance with Israel in the US National Interest?

One of the long-standing assumptions of American foreign policy is that the United States’ alliance with Israel is a high priority and, consequently, Israel must be defended. Today I’d like to look at where this assumption originates from, whether or not it still has applicability, and what are the consequences that arise from it for the United States in terms of the national interest.

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Odds and Ends

I will be going on a short trip over the next couple of days. I expect normal daily posting to resume on Sunday. In the interim, here are a few things around the internet worth looking at:

  • Interesting theory on how humanity might attain interstellar travel via a method similar to the one described in Star Trek.
  • An old clip of Mitt Romney has surfaced that adds fuel to the perception that he is disconnected from ordinary people.
  • More seriously, Romney promises to fix immigration, but, as was the case with specifying the loopholes in his tax plan, offers no specifics as to how he would do so. He accuses Obama of doing nothing, but Obama did pass the DREAM Act, something Romney has previously promised to kill.
  • The French will likely now receive the same disproportionate response as a result of the recent cartoons printed in a French magazine.
  • Some of Romney’s comments have bolstered Israel’s hard right, making it more difficult for the United States to pursue the goal of stopping Israeli settlement expansion in the Palestinian territories.