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Why are We Enemies with Iran?

An interesting question occurred to me today–why are we (we being developed countries generally, but the US in particular) enemies with the Islamic Republic of Iran? What is the fundamental problem with Iran that makes it impossible for us to trade with it, buy its oil, and otherwise maintain friendly relations with it? When I asked myself this question, I could not immediately produce a response that seemed wholly justifiable or acceptable to me. So let’s explore it further.

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Is the Alliance with Israel in the US National Interest?

One of the long-standing assumptions of American foreign policy is that the United States’ alliance with Israel is a high priority and, consequently, Israel must be defended. Today I’d like to look at where this assumption originates from, whether or not it still has applicability, and what are the consequences that arise from it for the United States in terms of the national interest.

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Republican Party Platform Expedition Part IV: Foreign Policy

Today we conclude our expedition through the bizarre world of the Republican Party platform. In part III, we discussed miscellaneous and social policy. Today we finish the platform with a discussion of the section on foreign policy. So all aboard the Orient Express for a journey to distant lands and strange new places…

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Nuclear Peace: Confronting the Assumptions about a Nuclear Iran

Many people around the world consider a nuclear Iran a terrible, terrifying prospect, one that is worth going to war over in order to avoid. Today I’d like to question this belief and the assumptions underlying it.

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