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Papal Flim-Flam

Pope Francis recently made some comments about homosexuality that were not entirely negative, and now  we have lots of people running all over the internet praising the papacy’s supposed shift on the issue. Even George Takei is buying in, calling it “An important step forward for the Catholic Church and its leadership”. Unfortunately, what we have here is not a change of position on homosexuality, it’s papal film-flam.

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How Big Government Discovered America

In the 15th century, when Christopher Columbus needed money to make his voyage to the Americas, he approached several heads of state. He came to the John II of Portugal, to the doges of Genoa and Venice, to Henry VIII in England, all of whom declined to fund his grandiose and zany project. Finally, he went to Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Spain. Their ministers, like the ministers in the previous nations, deemed the voyage impractical, too costly, too foolish. A bad investment. All the same, the Spanish monarchs decided to appoint Columbus Admiral of the Seas and dumped a pile of state investment upon him. And so, from the bosom of state largesse, the discovery of America began.

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