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The Electoral College is a Distraction

There are some people who feel that because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Donald Trump’s victory in the electoral college is illegitimate. This is a very poor argument–there are many much more interesting grounds for challenging Trump’s legitimacy than the electoral college.

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Misconceptions: “The Election is a Dead Heat”

I’m not one to get mired in election cycle coverage often, but then I saw “news” stories like this one claiming that the presidential election is actually close. This is not true. Barack Obama is almost certainly going to win this election, and his margin in the electoral college is probably going to be more than a couple of states large. Here’s why.

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Republican Party Platform Expedition Part II: Constitutional and Energy Policy

Today we resume our expedition through the positions taken by the Republican Party in its recently released new platform. In the first part, we discussed republican economic policy. Today, we discuss republican constitutional and energy policy. So put on your safari hat, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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