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Voting Fascism

Have you noticed that it has become completely socially acceptable to berate people for choosing not to vote? For supporters of democracy, it is often common practise to call non-voters names, to assume that there are no good reasons not to vote and that all non-voters are in some way bad people, or that they don’t matter. I call this near-universal belief in the moral value of the vote “voting fascism”, because it suppresses dissenting opinions and viewpoints aggressively. I am not arguing that all people who vote are fascists, but that people who condemn other people for not voting are repressing a certain set of political perspectives and viewpoints. To make this argument, I will use as an example, a website that arms voters with arguments with which to attack the character and decisions of non-voters.

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The Day after Tomorrow: Why This Election Won’t Change Anything

There is a tremendous amount of excitement and exuberance about the American elections tomorrow, but the trends, and recent history in particular, indicate that this excitement is perhaps undeserved. Over the last half century, the United States government has become less and less capable of actually governing the country and doing things, and there is no better example of the trend in action than what the last two years of divided government have produced. Of course, these are just empty assertions without evidence, but evidence we have indeed.

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Misconceptions: “The Election is a Dead Heat”

I’m not one to get mired in election cycle coverage often, but then I saw “news” stories like this one claiming that the presidential election is actually close. This is not true. Barack Obama is almost certainly going to win this election, and his margin in the electoral college is probably going to be more than a couple of states large. Here’s why.

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Romney and Disaster Relief

In the wake of the recent hurricane, new attention is being paid to this clip from the primary debates in which Romney condemns federal funding for disaster relief:

While the hurricane has drawn attention to this quip, its intellectual value, positively or negatively, is independent of this particular situation and deserves to be judged on its own merits, and that is precisely what today’s post is all about–the merits of the notion that the federal government should do less.

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Misconceptions: “Obama has Vastly Increased the Size of the Government”

It is a commonly held belief that the Obama administration has been spending money all over the place, increasing the size of the government and the number of people it employs. There is a bit of a problem with this, though–it is factually inaccurate. Today I intend to illustrate and prove that this belief is not in line with reality.

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