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A Critique of Affirmative Action

Yesterday, the supreme court announced a non-decision decision on the issue of affirmative action by universities. The ruling itself makes no significant difference to the status quo, but it got me thinking about the issue. As regular readers know, I think economic and social mobility is very important. For this reason, I am opposed to affirmative action.

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The State of American Racism

As black history month approaches, the question occurs to me–what’s going on with racism in the states these days? Paul Krugman drew my attention to a Gallup poll that seems to indicate that things are headed in a positive direction, and it got me thinking.

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The Cleveland Bus Driver and Feminism

There’s a video out last night on YouTube in the process of going viral in which a Cleveland bus driver is verbally and physically assaulted by a passenger and responds by punching said passenger:

It is worth talking about because the driver in question happens to be male and the passenger in question happens to be female, and so an interesting conversation about gender and the ethics of self-defence has sprung up, one that is very much worth having because it undercuts some of the core issue facing feminist theory today–whether it is about advancing women at the expense of men, or true gender equality.

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