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The Romney Tax Plan and “Media Bias”

Increasingly, whenever anyone tries to talk about political or economic facts, no one listens, because it is assumed that all “facts” are really opinions and that the evidence in inconclusive, with an equal amount of distortion by all sides and parties involved. However, the result of this kind of thinking is that it becomes absolutely […]

The Four Centrisms

Back in 2016, I argued that the centrist consensus of the 90s was breaking down, and that instead there was a wider menu, with three meaningfully distinct choices: Left Egalitarianism, which critiqued the consensus on the grounds that it enabled capitalists to exploit workers Neoliberalism, which defended the consensus through the traditional center-right and center-left […]

Remember When Obama and Biden Tried to Cut Social Security by $230 Billion?

Videos have emerged in which Joe Biden speaks in favor of entitlement reform. Biden disputes the claims: Here's Joe Biden endorsing Social Security cuts. — jordan (@JordanUhl) January 18, 2020 The thing is, Joe Biden and Barack Obama did try to cut Social Security. It’s one of the forgotten pieces of Obama’s legacy. It […]

Pete Buttigieg is Neither Policy Wonk Nor Philosopher

As folks begin to notice that Pete Buttigieg doesn’t have a developed policy vision, he has tried to fight back by throwing together a series of short paragraphs on the “issues” section of his website. Here, for instance, are the two paragraphs on healthcare:

Why Trump Can’t Red-Bait His Way Out of 2020

Heading into the 2020 election cycle, the Trump administration is trying to portray the president as America’s shield against socialism. First President Trump proclaimed at the State of the Union that America “will never be a socialist country”: More recently, he has levied sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. The administration alleges that Cuba and […]