I Have a New Podcast Called “What’s Left”

by Benjamin Studebaker

Today I’m happy to announce a new podcast I’m co-hosting with Aimee Terese called “What’s Left. Adam Rensch, co-host of the Stop/Rewind podcast, is the producer. On “What’s Left”, Aimee and I will discuss left-wing politics, including, among other things:

  1. What it means to be left wing today
  2. Whether or not particular ideas or policy proposals are left wing
  3. What kinds of political strategies are likely to be useful to a left wing project in our current circumstances
  4. To what extent we can find useful ideas and strategies for the left in political thought which is not traditionally associated with the left
  5. The theoretical underpinnings of contemporary political events

There are many different places you can listen to the podcast:

It’s on Soundcloud:


It’s on Spotify:


It’s on Apple:


It’s on Google:


It’s on Stitcher:


So far we have two episodes, one which explains what the podcast is about in detail, and a second one in which we look at reparations and examine the ways in which it is grounded in right-wing libertarian thought. We recorded a third episode today on the difference between allyship and solidarity (but it’s not up yet). If you like what you hear, there is also a Patreon page, for those wishing to support the podcast:


Rest assured that “What’s Left” will not be competing with the blog for my time and attention–I will be maintaining the level of blog output which has prevailed during the PhD period and adding the podcast onto it. Aimee and I have been recording podcasts this past month, and despite this blog output has been no worse for wear. I expect this to continue.

There will be a new episode of the podcast each week, and if the podcast is modestly popular we will add a second show and even a bi-monthly Q&A for the blog’s committed followers. A small, committed following is all we really hope for–I have no expectation that the podcast will produce any large amount of revenue, and I will not be moderating my political positions to try to widen its appeal. In other words, it’s just like the blog, but I get to talk to Aimee and occasionally whatever guests we happen to dig up.

I hope you like it! If you don’t, no worries–the blog will remain the same as it’s ever been.