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A Critique of Independence Movements

Lately I’ve been thinking about national independence movements, like those in Catalonia, Scotland, Kurdistan, and other such places. I’ve also been hearing about separatist movements in some US states—in these cases, subsets of individual US state populations are petitioning the government for the right to carve out smaller states out of the currently existent bigger ones, in order to move their state governments’ policies to the right. These US state petitions will go nowhere, however, because federal law requires that separatist states get approval from the states they are seeking to leave in order to become independent. This got me thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Interruption

I’ve been moving to a new apartment in Chicago to facilitate the MA I’m doing at the University of Chicago. I was unable to acquire internet at that apartment until just a few minutes ago, and because I never bought a smart phone, this meant I was more or less cut off from the blog. Over the course of the rest of the day, I hope to update myself on all the comments recently received on “Why are Young People Unhappy” which, by the relative standards of this website, has gone viral. I also managed to write a post while offline, which I will post subsequently. I thank my readers for their patience during my transition to the new living situation and academic program.