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Special Election Supplement

A little bonus post today–if you’d like to hear a few final thoughts from me on the presidential election, I was on Phil Upton’s BBC Coventry and Warwickshire programme earlier this evening for a brief interview. You’ll find me from 1 hour 17 minutes 45 seconds to 1 hour 22 minutes 50 seconds at the link below:

I reference some material discussed in greater detail here, here, and here.

Voting Fascism

Have you noticed that it has become completely socially acceptable to berate people for choosing not to vote? For supporters of democracy, it is often common practise to call non-voters names, to assume that there are no good reasons not to vote and that all non-voters are in some way bad people, or that they don’t matter. I call this near-universal belief in the moral value of the vote “voting fascism”, because it suppresses dissenting opinions and viewpoints aggressively. I am not arguing that all people who vote are fascists, but that people who condemn other people for not voting are repressing a certain set of political perspectives and viewpoints. To make this argument, I will use as an example, a website that arms voters with arguments with which to attack the character and decisions of non-voters.

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